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Welcome to Peri Tinos restaurant

Dimitris Plitas brings together the local cuisine of Syros, the Cycladic island where he lives and his restaurant is located, his own creativity and modern culinary techniques. As chef and owner of the restaurant Peri Tinos, he prefers the Greek creative cuisine and he likes to make the most of premium locally sourced ingredients. Experimenting with flavor combinations, Dimitris and his team present a menu at his restaurant, located in a privileged spot right next to the sea in the port of Hermoupolis, marrying the Greek creative cuisine with modern touches, promotinglocally farmed fresh products and transforming original local dishes to culinary gourmet delights.

Το εστιατόριο
Το εστιατόριο μας
Πάνω στη θάλασσα
Το εστιατόριο μας
Καρούκι το τηνιακό τυρί
Φαγητό στη Σύρο
Κυκλαδίτικες γεύσεις

Drawing inspiration from the imposing and yet harmonious nature of the Cyclades, we insist on collecting what we consider to be the best from local farmers and producers and create dishes that are appealing to both the eye and palate.


Peri Tinos Restaurant is on the port of Hermoupolis, right next to the sea and is open from noon until midnight (12p.m-12a.m.). We are waiting for you! For reservations, please call +30 22810 85000 or email us [email protected]